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Who we are

Suara is the dream of people inspired by the values reflected in the Nuanu Principles and united in the pursuit of creating an ever-evolving regenerative living systems game that integrates ecological harmony and community connectivity, bringing experiences to people, inspiring and joyful to solve social problems and a sense of culture.

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The Suara's mission is to celebrate this annual and independent cultural, arts, music, and education festival focused on Balinese Culture and its people to protect the community created by its culture.

We believe people living in harmony with one another and nature become points of transformation. We believe that the experience of Suara can produce positive changes in the world, being potentially accessible to anyone and radically inclusive.

We aim to encourage positive evolutions by supporting creators and talents at every stage of their journey and generating a society that connects each individual to a creative mindset.

In culture, we trust

Culture is everywhere. In culture, we trust. It permeates all spaces and places and even infiltrates our daily life. Cultural initiatives have become one of society’s main agents of change. Investing in culture locally now and for the future influence positively the spirit and morale of people living in the community, as well as the social cohesion or well-being investment.

Bali has its cultural resources. These resources make this island unique in terms of attractiveness and identity. Suara wants to build this cultural movement on the root of Balinese philosophy, the concept of Tri Hita Karana, “the three causes of well-being.”

Welcome to Suara, where creators feel seen, and their voices heard.


Suara is committed to conscious earth stewardship and places eco-friendly practices as one of its top priorities.

Our Workshops focus on sustainable lifestyles, art, and education. There was no plastic sold on site last year: none. All vendors use compostable materials, and all drinking water is provided for free. For this year, we are excited about new practices with potential collaborators to make our world safer and healthier for everyone.

Our home

Our place should have equal opportunities for all, dialogue, and co-creation with the community. Nuanu is situated on a prime Balinese coastline in the traditional regency of Tabanan.